Power Bible 2: Moses, Leader of the Israelites


It’s the most exciting story ever told, filled with exhilarating adventures, awe-inspiring stories of faith, and the greatest news you will ever receive.  It’s a love story so amazing that it leads to the ultimate act of personal sacrifice.  It’s the bestselling book of all time: the Bible.

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FEATURED BIBLE STORIES – In Power Bible 2, follow Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Joshua and the rest of the people of Israel as God miraculously delivers them out of slavery in Egypt!

OVERVIEW OF THE ENTIRE BIBLE – With over 2,000 pages and 100+ Bible characters, the 10 volume anime-style Power Bible comic will guide kids through the Old and New Testament.

TRUSTED BY PARENTS, PASTORS AND PROFESSORS – Based on the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the Power Bible accurately simplifies the storyline of Scripture.

FUN TO READ – Full-Color, Fast-Paced, Engaging and Memorable! The Power Bible will cultivate in your child a love for God s Word.


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Power Bible 2: Moses, Leader of the Israelites



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