Finally! An NASB for Kids!

The NASB Children’s Edition

The NASB – Children’s Edition will help kids grow in their knowledge of the Bible as they read it, study it, and live it. Designed for ages 7-13.

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The Most Important Feature

The NASB Text Itself

The most important feature of the NASB Children's Edition is the text itself.
The Lockman Foundation’s NASB Large Print Pew Bible has all the features we wanted in a kids Bible. The 10 point type size and easy verse by verse, two-column format made it an excellent choice for early readers.

Making It Special

76 Full-Color Realistic Art Scenes

In God's providence, we were pointed to Foundation Matters, a ministry in England that seeks to reach underprivileged kids with the hope of the Gospel. On their ministry team is the talented artist, Graham Kennedy, who creates detailed Bible scenes, accurately depicting the historical period, including culture, architecture and landscape.

In September our President met the Foundation Matters ministry team and served at their youth camp. The commonality of Christ formed a bond with our brothers and sisters from across the pond. The result was 76 full-colored pages of realistic Bible art!

The Final Touches

Over 150 Pages of Bible Helps

We wanted to include extra reference materials that would be helpful for kids in their understanding of the Bible. Our goal was to show kids that the Bible has answers for the questions of life.

The Lockman Foundation kindly gave us permission to use their topical index, Bible book introductions and other Scripture helps. We revised the content by adjusting the vocabulary and sentence structure to be age appropriate. We then added our own scripture memory materials and reading charts.

Children need to become familiar with a real Bible. It has been popular to put simple Bible story books in the hands of children rather than the actual Word of God and this is a mistake. Children need to learn and love the Bible. With its readable text, current translation, and beautiful artwork, the NASB Children's Edition is designed to be the Bible they will love all their lives.

John MacArthurPastor, Teacher - Grace Community Church

I can’t imagine anything else currently on the market coming close to what this product offers. From here on out, ask me what Children’s Bible I recommend, and this will be it.

Josh NiemiAuthor of "Expository Parenting"

The whole Bible is just really impressive. I'm excited to get this for my children and I would recommend it to you as well!

Patrick ChoPastor - Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Bible Church of San Diego

I showed it to my kids and their eyes lit up. It was pretty fun. I'm looking forward to using this with my kids tonight!

Nathan Pickowicz Pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire

I am so pleased to finally have the NASB in a Children's Bible. The beautifully illustrated pictures help bring some of my children's favorite Bible stories to life. I absolutely recommend this Bible!

Emily MooreMom of 3