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A Note About Leather Bibles:

Animal hides can at times bear some unique markings. These features in the grain of the leather can be likened to the uniqueness of fingerprints. Over time, the handling and wear of a Bible depends on the user and environment the Good Book finds itself in. When proper care is given, a genuine leather Bible can last for several decades, or even a lifetime. We hope the quality and care put into a Steadfast Bible will prove a close companion for many years to come.

Internship Opportunities

In the course of publishing Christian literature opportunities arise where extra effort is needed to get a project done in a timely manner and to generate awareness for it in the marketplace. If you are near our offices in Irvine, CA and would welcome an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and help the Three Sixteen Team get to the finish line please email us at: and include “INTERNSHIP” in the subject line.

Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you passionate about publishing and where your best skill-sets shine. Include your resume and availability too.

Our most frequently needed categories are:

  • Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Prospecting
  • Warehouse

Three Sixteen Publishing welcomes ideas and submissions. Currently our three brands focus on Bibles, Children’s Books and Journals. If your concept involves one or more of those categories please email us at:

If you would like to submit a book proposal the first step is to submit a query letter to the same email address that will include the following:

1) A brief bio and what inspired you to write the manuscript.
2) Page count and word count of the book and category the book belongs.
3) The age range and audience for the book.
4) Why you think Three Sixteen Publishing is a good fit for your book.
5) A one page summary of the major theme and perspective.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for a reply to your query letter. If we think your project is potentially a good fit for Three Sixteen Publishing we will ask for permission to review the manuscript.


For customer support, please call our office at (949) 756-0600 between 10 AM – 4 PM PST (M-Th) and 10 am – 2 pm PST (F).

Our offices are closed weekends and the following days:
President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 3rd since July 4th is a Saturday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


Our mailing address is 17692 Cowan, Suite 200, Irvine, CA 92614.




  • Q: Will other translations of the Preacher’s Bible become available?
  • A: John MacArthur designed this special edition because he was unable to find a Bible that fit the specific needs of a pulpit minister. Because Pastor MacArthur has used the NASB for nearly 40 years, it was the first choice he made. Because of Grace To You’s involvement, the print run was substantial enough to move forward. Other editions are not out of the question, but would require a willingness from publishers who own the license to grant permission for such an edition and for a substantial enough number of people to want it to make the economics of it work. In the coming weeks and months, Steadfast will be sending out surveys to gauge the interest in forthcoming editions of the Bible. We encourage you to share the survey among friends and allow your input and their input to be accounted for. 


  • Q: Will there be other editions of the NASB and will they be the 1977, 1995, or the upcoming 2020 edition?
  • AYES! We are making plans to release more editions of the NASB. While we are not ready to share specifically what those editions are, we will say that we are committed to continuing to produce the NASB 1995 edition.


  • Q: I’d like to request a gratis copy of a Bible to review on my blog.
  • AAt this time we are not fielding these requests.



  • Q: Why aren’t the discussion questions from the original Adam Raccoon books in the re-released editions?
  • AThe original publisher was inconsistent across the 8 titles in the series in how they wrote and formatted this content and it was unclear who owned it. It was decided to leave that material out initially, but there are plans to create free downloadable discussion starters. Currently there is a download of Adam Raccoon coloring pages. Visit our FREE RESOURCES to access the pdf file.


  • Q: I’m a fan of Glen Keane and would like to contact him.
  • A: Please state the nature of your inquiry and email our general inbox Include GLEN KEANE INQUIRY in your subject line. Note that the information will be forwarded if appropriate, but we, nor Mr. Keane are able to respond to every inquiry. Media requests should also be treated in the same manner.


  • Q: I’m a fan of Davy Liu and would like to contact him.
  • A: Please state the nature of your inquiry and email our general inbox Include DAVY LIU INQUIRY in your subject line. Note that the information will be forwarded if appropriate, but we, nor Mr. Liu are able to respond to every inquiry. Media requests should also be treated in the same manner.


  • Q: I’d like to request a gratis copy of a Green Egg Media title to review on my blog or in print.
  • APlease email our general inbox Include the title of the book and the words REVIEW REQUEST in your subject line. Also include a link to your blog and the reason why you chose the title you did. 


  • Q: I’ve created some lesson plans for kids, based on the books you publish. Is that something you would want to make available for free on your website?
  • AWe are always looking for solidly Biblical content that can help parents and teachers. Please email our general inbox and include FREE RESOURCE INQUIRY in your subject line. Please include your materials, contact information and where they were used. If it is something we want to make available on our site, we will contact you with further instructions. 


  • Q: Do you have eBook file formats for your children’s titles?
  • A: Currently we only have one excerpt from the Power Bible available in a Kindle format. The title is Jesus and His Friends. This title and other Power Bible excerpts are available for free in PDFs suitable for reading on most electronic devices or for printing and distributing in a classroom setting. The Birth of Jesus, Queen Esther, and David & Goliath comics are all available in the FREE RESOURCES section of our website.



  • Q: My question is not covered in your FAQ. How can I ask it?
  • A: Please email us at and include the topic of your question in the subject line. In most cases a reply will be sent within 5 business days.