New Product Announcements – 316 Day 2021

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Greetings and Happy March 16th — a day we fondly refer to as 316 Day!

As part of our celebration, I wanted to briefly look back on 2020, announce the arrival of some new products, and share info about upcoming releases in our publishing pipeline for the rest of 2021 and beyond!

After the first Bible translation meeting in Feb of 2020 we knew the Lord was opening the door for Three Sixteen Publishing to be a part of something special. When the name Legacy Standard Bible was chosen for the project, it gave us a sense that the work would outlast our careers and our lives, because the Word of God is eternal. 

Throughout the past 13 months, God has answered countless prayers and brought along like-minded and skilled people to help support the project. Today I wanted to share a list of partners that have blessed the Church through their participation in the LSB project. Three Sixteen Publishing could not have released the LSB without them: 

  • The Lockman Foundation
  • The John MacArthur Charitable Trust
  • Grace to You
  • Grace Community Church video department
  • Students and Alumni from Master’s Seminary and University
  • Reviewers and readers who volunteered countless hours
  • Peter Voth for logo development
  • Interactive Supply Co. for the website development
  • Literal Word who designed the online web app
  • Accordance Bible Software who designed the LSB mobile app
  • Scribe for their data management to create the master file and typesetting
  • Royal Jongbloed who printed and bound the first edition NT w Ps/Pr
  • ChangeGoat for transitioning the 316 website to Shopify (coming by the end of March)

The enthusiasm for the LSB is growing rapidly. We are grateful that many people are enjoying the available portions and are also praying for the project and encouraging us. With your support and prayers, we’re working hard to release the first complete LSB editions by the end of 2021.

So, the big question you all are waiting for answers on is: WHAT PUBLISHING PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR THE LSB? Here are a few details we are releasing at this time:

3rd Quarter 2021

  • We are planning a small reprint for the New Testament Psalms and Proverbs that includes more goatskin that we are currently sold out of. We are also working on plans to make it more accessible in Canada, Europe, and Australia. We expect our current inventory to be exhausted before the next batch’s estimated arrival time of late September. Keep a lookout for future emails regarding updates on the timing of the shipment, as well as the ability to pre-pay and reserve your copy.
  • LSB Scripture Study Notebooks – Psalms. This will be a single-column format, like our NASB Scripture Study Notebooks.

4th Quarter 2021

  • LSB Preacher’s Bible Handy Size (LSB-PBHS)
  • Single column, no references or footnotes. Same 9.5 font layout style as the NASB edition of the PBHS.
  • Text Edition, no references or footnotes. Single column. 10.5 point font.
  • Same pagination as the LSB-PBHS.
  • A variety of binding styles and price points.

2022 and Beyond

  • 2 Column Verse by Verse Formats
  • Details have not been finalized yet, but this typeset can be used in several editions.
  • People requesting large/giant print, cross-references, footnotes, paragraph formats, Scripture Study Notebooks, etc. please know that these are in the planning stages and more information about them will become available after specs, features, and layouts are determined.
  • We’ve been in contact with Literal Word, Accordance, Logos, Olive Tree, E-Sword, and Blue Letter Bible. Stay tuned for more info later this year when the whole Bible is completed.

The LSB project work continues. The remaining parts of the OT subheadings, footnotes, cross-references, and other features are nearing completion. From there, the master file coding gets thoroughly reviewed and any questions are addressed before it gets exported into a file from which typesetting can begin. Please consider praying for us as we enter this phase and work toward getting print editions released by the end of 2021. 

Other 316 Projects and Sales:

While the LSB has generated the most excitement, we’re also excited to share that our NASB Children’s Edition is releasing in three Faux Leather colors and includes an indexed option as well. 

It has always been a desire of ours to begin publishing solidly Biblical books. We were thrilled to begin that with the release of L.A. Cop by Bob Vernon earlier this month. It’s not only an encouragement to the law enforcement community, but an uplifting example of how to faithfully live for Christ in your work context.

If you are a pastor or chaplain and want to distribute some to your local police department we are offering 40% off for quantities of 10 or more with code PEACEMAKER through the end of the month. Case quantities of 44 receive a 50% discount!

We have other books in the works, but we’ll save that exciting announcement for another time. 

The rest of the NASB NT Scripture Study Notebooks are finally here and in stock, including the set. Don’t forget to check out great deals today on the Preacher’s Bibles, LSBs, NASB Limiteds, Children’s books, notebooks, journals, and more! Our site-wide sale expires at midnight tonight, 3-16-2021. You can find all our sale products through this link.

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support for the LSB and 316 Publishing. If you have not done so already, please sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on announcements regarding the aforementioned editions of the LSB, as well as additional features that will become available on the LSB mobile app. 

Praise Yahweh! Great things He has done!

Chris Scotti
VP and Publisher
Three Sixteen Publishing Inc.

P.S. If you are a pastor who would like to make your congregation aware of the free LSB app, we have created slides and images for bulletin inserts. You can access those media helps here

We are growing and have some paid internship positions available for this summer. If you have an interest in Christian publishing and are able to work out of our Irvine, CA. office, then please submit your resume to

New Product Announcements! 316 Day 2020!

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Happy 316 Day! (Today is the 316th day of 2020). 

This year has gone quite unexpectedly for many and that is true for us at Three Sixteen as well. In January of this year, we participated in a meeting centered around the topic of Bible translation at Grace Community Church with Pastor John MacArthur, Mark MacArthur, Dr. Abner Chou, and a representative of the Lockman Foundation. It was at that meeting that the topic of the Legacy Standard Bible was first discussed. 

The discussion continued at a brisk pace. After that meeting and before Springtime hit, the translation team was already assigned. With the onset of the covid lockdown in California that started in March, the team found the time to work through the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs at an aggressive pace. Today, that upcoming edition can be pre-ordered (use code LEGACY for $10 off), with a scheduled release date of the first week in March of 2021, during the annual Shepherds’ Conference. Thankfully you don’t have to wait until then to start reading the Legacy Standard Bible. You can find the full Gospel of Mark now as a free download. Plus, we’ve launched a new website just for the Legacy Standard Bible, Head on over to read the preface of the LSB and to watch an informative roundtable discussion with Pastor MacArthur and the translation team.

Today we are also excited to announce the upcoming release of our NASB ‘95 Scripture Study Notebooks! To celebrate, we are including a free advanced copy of Philippians with every leather Bible order that ships this month (while supplies last, only 75 available). We have eight titles arriving next month with the rest of the New Testament, including a boxed set, projected to arrive around Valentine’s Day. We will provide more info about how to order the series next month. For now, you can discover some of the photos that highlight the uniqueness of the layout that makes them ideal for an in-depth study of Scripture.

Our last big 316 Day unveiling is a reprint of L.A. Cop – Peacemaker In Blue from the former assistant chief of police for Los Angeles, Bob Vernon. With all the challenges law enforcement faces every day, we are glad to be able to get this book re-released after 30+ years. Bob’s Christian faith shines throughout this new edition which features 16 pages of photos chronicling his 38-year career and a foreword by John MacArthur. L.A. Cop is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2021.


Thank you for your support of Three Sixteen Publishing. Our current “THANK YOU SALE” is going on for a few more weeks. You can learn more details on the banner of our website. In the coming months as future editions of the Legacy Standard Bible are developed, we will share the news with our email subscribers. In the meantime, please consider praying for the work in front of us as the translation of the Old Testament continues. 

Onward into 2021!


By His grace and for His glory,


Chris Scotti
VP and Publisher
Three Sixteen Publishing

P.S. If you are an international customer, our website does support orders in Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia. If you reside outside one of those countries and you are interested in ordering any of our products, please email the items you are interested in along with your address to and we will respond with a freight quote.

Free Downloads

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Greetings Parents, Pastors & Teachers, 

With Easter less than two weeks away, we wanted to make you aware of several free downloads you can use to help direct your child’s attention toward Christ during this season. 

Scripture Memory Cards The 7 I AM Sayings of Jesus and 20+ other topics.

Easter Story Cards Perfect for Passion Week.

Jesus & His Friends comic, David & Goliath, and Esther are free too.

Bible Reading Checklist: Read one of the Gospels togetheror any other Bible book!

Coloring Pages and Jesus & Me Discussion Questions

NT & OT Activity Packets Coloring pages & word searches in 20+ fun pages!

Bible Cover Wraps: Allows kids to custom color their own Bible cover! Fits most Bibles.

We hope these free tools will be a blessing to your immediatefamily and church family. Please feel free to share them with othersand consider posting the information on your church website. If you have any pictures of your children enjoying any of these materials, tag us on social media or send your images We’d welcome the encouragement.

Stay Safe,

Team 316.

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the NASB 95 With Us All Year Long!

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Last year The Lockman Foundation allowed us to do some photography in their archive room. Rich in history, the room contains editions of the NASB done through the decades by multiple publishers. As we opened boxes, at times it seemed like the Bibles came straight from the bindery. The distinct crackle of opening a gilded Bible for the first time is unmistakable.

That afternoon the two of us received a rare and privileged experience that gave us a deep sense of the rich history of the NASB. As we photographed dozens of pristine editions from the 70s, 80s, 90s, there was one copy that stood out. 

That specific Bible is a one-of-a-kind, well-worn, taped-up hardcover with handwritten notes. The notes are from the hand of Dr. Reuben A. Olson, one of the original NASB translators. Here is a rarely seen list of the names of the original NASB translators:

The Lockman Foundation did not release the original translators’ names back when the NASB was first published, but we know them now. Not only were these men teachers, but more importantly they were faithful students of God’s Word. The list reads like a best-of compilation of biblical academic authors and the church still benefits greatly from many of their written works beyond the NASB. 

The ‘95 edition is also a part of the NASB’s legacy. This year, in tandem with The Lockman Foundation, we are celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Twice a month we will post a Throwback Thursday image from those amazing NASB editions from yesteryear.

For some, the images might remind you of your first NASB, or the treasured copy of a loved one. Please consider sharing your own pictures to our Facebook posts if you have the same edition in any binding and in any condition (#25ofNASB95). As C. H. Spurgeon said, “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” So, while our posted photos might look like a Bible sitting in a museum vault, the best images are ones from you, showing years of time spent reading and studying God’s Word.

Today, we felt it appropriate to start our series with this edition, dated 1971. Even then, the translators were considering updating the language. The preface to the NASB 95 contains the following excerpt in the Explanation of General Format section…

“Thy,” “Thee” and “Thou” are not used in this edition and have been rendered as “Your and “You.”

As our next NASB 95 launches in February, we are grateful for the work of the translators, and for The Lockman Foundation’s partnership in publishing. 

We hope you enjoy the series as we celebrate together the 25th Anniversary of the NASB 95 edition!


Chris Scotti
VP and Publisher
Three Sixteen Publishing

day 316 announcement

316 Day – Exciting New Bible Announcement!

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Greetings and Happy 316th Day of 2019!

As we continue our publishing journey, we are excited to unveil new projects to you today! 

In the next few months, we will be releasing new Bibles, Children’s products, journals, and boxed greeting cards as our three imprints, Steadfast Bibles, Green Egg Media, and Bella Paper continue to grow! Before we look ahead and share a very special announcement, we want to share a bit of the behind-the-scenes story of how our Bible division came to be. 

In 2017 our president attended the Shepherd’s Conference. Having grown up at Grace Community Church, the NASB was the Bible he knew and loved, yet among the many well respected evangelical publishers in the conference book tent, the translation was hard to find. 

There had also been some questions about a NASB update. Some publishers had told people they would no longer publish the 95 edition of the NASB, and were waiting for the updated translation, although the timeline was unclear when that would be. It seemed to many like the NASB 95 was on its way out. One thing seemed obvious to us — if the NASB 95 was going to stick around, something needed to change. 

Mark MacArthur too had a love for the NASB and the two men discussed how other publishers’ marketing power was overshadowing the NASB. It was obvious each publisher promoted their favorite translation.

  • Zondervan has the NIV. 
  • Nelson has the NKJV. 
  • Crossway has the ESV. 
  • B&H has the CSB. 

However, many pastors and Bible students were still deeply committed to using the NASB 95 because they considered it to be the most precise and literal translation of the original languages.

Soon, the two men were in Mark’s dad’s office, discussing what, if anything could be done to help the NASB. During that discussion, Pastor MacArthur shared, “I’ve never really had the perfect preaching Bible.”

At those words, the candle was lit. 

At the 2018 Shepherds’ Conference, the original Preacher’s Bible was released. While all the attendees were excited to receive their free copy, the NASB fans were especially grateful to see their favorite translation in a one-of-a-kind format for preaching.  

That same week we held a focus group of pastors who use the NASB. Two main requests came from that meeting–and work began on them right away.

First, we created the NASB Children’s Edition, released this past March. Second, we encouraged our friends at Literal Word to finish their free NASB 95 app. Both of these editions met a need in the market and were enthusiastically received!

Then, just last month at the Grace to You Truth Matters Conference, we released our Steadfast Limited line of premium, cowhide NASBs. Being mostly an online company we enjoy the opportunity to interact with consumers at these events. We’ve also been greatly encouraged by the NASB fans expressing their appreciation for our work and for representing the Lockman Foundation at conferences. 

Looking back, we know God had a plan and we are grateful to be a part of getting people excited about the NASB 95 again. We are also excited that other publishers have revised their plans and decided to continue to support the NASB 95. We are especially grateful for the kindness of our friends at the Lockman Foundation, Pastor MacArthur for his input and encouragement along the journey, and his son Mark who has proven to be a faithful advisor.

When we released the original Preacher’s Bible, we knew the paper Pastor MacArthur chose for it was special, but we also knew it would make for a heavy Bible. Almost immediately, people began to comment about their love for it, but they wanted a companion to it that was more portable.

A steady stream of requests continued, and earlier this year we began working on a more portable companion to the Original Preacher’s Bible. After much thought and design, we are excited to announce The Preacher’s Bible – Handy Size.

Handy Preacher's Bible

Here are some of the details:

  • NASB 95 text
  • Typesetting by 2K Denmark
  • French-milled paper
  • 2 Sided Satin Ribbons by Berisfords 
  • Shamar Goatskin (TM)
  • Binding by Royal Jongbloed
  • Scripture text has the same line-by-line and page-by-page word order as the original

More sneak peeks regarding materials, layout, and specs for this special Bible will be released in the coming weeks. Pre-ordering for our first print run of 1,000 units will begin before Christmas.

While we know our Bible division grabs the headlines, we are also excited to announce new products from Green Egg Media and Bella Paper — all releasing this winter!

To receive the latest updates, sign up for our email list on the bottom of this page and follow us on social media. 

Thank you again for your support of the NASB95 and Three Sixteen Publishing!

With Heartfelt Appreciation,

The Team at 316

P.S. For the next 3 days, we have 16% off and free media mail shipping on any 2 items in stock. Use code: Three16. (Sale is limited to in-stock items only. Codes cannot be combined with any other promotion). 

Announcing the Steadfast Limiteds – Premium Cowhide NASBs!

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Today we are excited to unveil online our new line of NASB 95 Bibles! We have a very limited supply of premium Cowhide editions of the following classic NASB 95 text layouts:

  • Compact
  • Large Print Ultrathin Reference 
  • Giant Print Reference 

Stock is very limited on these premium Cowhide editions, with less than 150 of each style for this print run, and some as few as 50, so we are calling them Steadfast Limiteds.

How did we get these and why are they limited? 

Our friends at the Lockman Foundation allowed us to add onto their recent print runs for each of these three classic layouts and we worked with the plant in China to create these limited Cowhide editions. The printed text blocks’ Bible paper, scripture layout, and concordance are identical to the Lockman / Foundation Publication’s editions’ most recent print run from earlier this year. Our editions have a different copyright page and do not have their presentation pages.

Here’s more on how these Steadfast Limiteds are different:
  • All editions are natural grain Cowhide, with genuine leather lining and are cased-in bindings. (Note that a few editions have smooth leather liners and some have a grain to match the outside).
  • Indexed Large Print Ultrathin Ref (LPUT) and Giant Print Ref (GPR) editions are available.
  • All editions come with yapp and perimeter stitching. The  Large Print Ultrathin Reference editions have a generous amount of yapp that will cover most of the gilding.
  • Each edition features red art gild under the gold gild.  
  • LPUT and GPR editions each have three long ribbons while the compacts have two ribbons. Each edition has color-complementing ribbons

We are excited to bring these Steadfast Limiteds to you! The NASB95 is here to stay! 

Use code LIMITED to save 20% on any edition in this line until the end of October 2019, or while supplies last. 

TEAM 316 
IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION (Please read and follow closely):  

No more than 3 of a design is allowed per customer and/or per address for the next seven days and

No more than 10 Bibles total per customer and/or address. Any orders not following these guidelines will be canceled and refunded.

U.S. RESIDENTS: free media mail shipping is an available option at checkout when you buy 3 or more in stock items site-wide. Note that due to volume, rushed shipping orders are not guaranteed to go out the same day. Orders received after 8 AM PST may leave the following day, except on Friday, when they will leave the following Monday. A tracking number will be provided the same day the order ships. Shipments leave our warehouse in Irvine, California Monday through Friday, except for holidays.

No backorders will be accepted. We will do our best to list items on our website as SOLD OUT once stock is exhausted. If our website oversells quantities of any edition, we apologize in advance and will refund any transactions for stock that we cannot fulfill.

For international orders, please email us with your complete address and editions you are interested in.

Please direct all questions to us via email at Due to the high volume of interest in these editions, we may not answer the phones, nor return calls immediately for the next two business days.

Three Sixteen Publishing reserves the right to cancel any order/s.


Cowhide featuring a natural grain also allows for unique qualities in each cover. Like fingerprints, no two cowhide covers match perfectly. It is not uncommon to see variations in the grain pattern and this adds to the uniqueness of each cowhide cover.

Scripture Memory Cards Are Here!

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When Three Sixteen Publishing began, over 7 years ago, we were primarily a children’s book publisher. Through the years we’ve never lost sight of that original desire to reach kids with the truth of God’s Word. 

That’s the main reason why we were so excited to publish a new Children’s Bible in the NASB. This new children’s Bible is full of extra Bible helps for kids including 10 pages of memory verses for kids. 

Recently We’ve taken those verses and formatted them into easy-to-use flashcards

But since releasing the NASB Children’s Edition, we haven’t stopped creating content to help kids get to know and love their Bibles more. 

We’ve recently expanded our NASB Scripture Memory Cards to 12 topics and we’ll keep adding two each month for the rest of this year. All free and easy to create at home. 

The Topics We Have on Our Site (with more to come)

  • God
  • Jesus
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible
  • Growing in Faith
  • Prayer
  • Salvation
  • Promises of God
  • The 7 “I Am” Sayings of Jesus
  • The 7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
  • Sin
  • Friendship

Any time is a great time to get your kids into God’s Word which is why we encourage you to put these cards on a ring so that you can take them on the go! 

Once the scriptures are hidden in their hearts, encourage them to pass them along!

Download. Print. Memorize! Share God’s Word!

In Christ,

Team 316

Literal Word’s New NASB App Is A Hit!

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When our NASB Focus Group met at Shepherds’ Conference 2018, their number one request was a NASB Children’s Bible, something we immediately went to work on and released last month. A close second was their request for a free mobile app, specifically designed for the NASB. While we were hard at work with the Children’s Edition, the team over at Literal Word was hard at work on a new mobile app that released to rave reviews last week!

I really like the ability to see the words in the original languages and to see what other verses contain them. Very neat. I haven’t seen that in the other apps I’ve used. – Eric H.

Wow. This is one of the sleekest, easiest to use, and beautifully designed Bible apps I’ve ever seen. So easy to navigate. Hard to believe this is free! – David A.

The app is available for both Apple and Android formats and can be found in their respective stores, or directly on their site.  

If you’ve already downloaded it… Great! Thank You! Please tell others!

To help spread the news, Literal Word has created some graphics that are easy to import into:

  • Church Bulletins
  • Church Websites
  • Social Media posts

Please join us in generating awareness for this fabulous and FREE app! Simply forward this blog article to friends you know who use the NASB.

If your church uses the NASB, please ask your leadership to consider including an announcement in your church bulletin and through your church website. The ministry of Literal Word is a team of three volunteer programmers and they would really appreciate your help in getting the Word out about their FREE NASB App.

The NASB 95 is here to stay!

Read on!

Chris Scotti
VP and Publisher
Three Sixteen Publishing

Please visit our free download section for the Downloadable Literal Word Templates.

Introducing The (Extremely) Portable Preacher’s Bible!

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Steadfast Bibles, a division of Three Sixteen Publishing, is hard at work in its product development lab, at an undisclosed location.

Spurred on by a growing chant for a lighter edition of the Preacher’s Bible, today the company unveils a breakthrough in Bible publishing. The early prototype has been affectionately dubbed by their team of international molecular physicists as The MicroMac.

The MicroMac will mirror the page layout of the current Preacher’s Bible, but weigh 99% less than the scale-bending 5 pounds 7 ounces of the original, giving it unsurpassed portability.

To accomplish this, the Bible is being engineered with the following target specifications:

  • Italian Pygmy Goatskin with leather lining (buttery soft!)
  • 10 perimeter stitches
  • .00000008 mm of yapp
  • European Paper .000065gsm
  • .00000105 font size
  • .00000003 margins for notes
  • 4 black ribbons, .00000006 wide

Additional features still being considered include:

  • Tracking device
  • Interleaf Edition
  • Keychain holder
  • Magnifying glass
  • Machine washable

This special edition Bible has a tentative release date of 2095 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the NASB95 Edition. Thumb indexing will not be available (sorry Nate).

To celebrate Steadfast’s long and illustrious history of Bible publishing breakthroughs, the current edition of the Preacher’s Bible is on sale now, through Saturday, April 6th. Save $20 with promo code: NOJOKE

Follow us on social media for updates about this and other upcoming editions of the NASB95. If you have suggestions for features in the MicroMac, please add them in our comments section below.

NASB Children's Edition

The Backstory of the NASB Children’s Edition

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We are praising God for His favor and faithfulness throughout the process of the development of the NASB Children’s Bible! Here is a little of the backstory in designing a Bible to help kids grow in their knowledge of God’s word as the read it, study it and live it!

An Unexpected Partnership From Across the Pond

Steadfast Bibles was first unveiled in March of 2018 at the Shepherds’ Conference. We were grateful for the opportunity to hold a meeting there with pastors who love and teach from the NASB. Of all the items discussed, creating an NASB for kids was the number one takeaway for us. We went to work right away, setting a goal to have the Bible ready to release in time for the Shepherds’ Conference the following year.

As we began to develop what this Children’s Bible would feature, we knew the style of the artwork would be an important element. An artist developing scenes from scratch is a process that can take 2-4 years and we did not want artwork to delay getting this product produced.

Thankfully, a Christian brother directed us to Foundation Matters, a ministry in England that seeks to reach underprivileged kids with the hope of the Gospel. On their ministry team is the talented artist, Graham Kennedy, who creates detailed Bible scenes, accurately depicting the historical period, including culture, architecture and landscape.

In September our President met the Foundation Matters ministry team and served at their youth camp. The commonality of Christ formed a bond with our brothers and sisters from across the pond! We had initially hoped for 16 full-color images and through their generosity, the NASB Children’s edition ended up with 76 pages of art! By God’s grace, one of the biggest components of the NASB Children’s Edition was finalized.

Making It Our Own

Next we wanted to include extra reference materials that would be helpful for kids in their understanding of the Bible. Our goal as we curated this content was to show kids that the Bible has answers for the questions of life.

The Lockman Foundation kindly gave us permission to use their topical index, Bible book introductions and other Scripture helps. We revised the content by adjusting the vocabulary and sentence structure to be age appropriate. We then added our own scripture memory materials and reading charts.

When it came time to consider creating a text layout we realised the Lockman Foundation’s NASB Large Print Pew Bible had all the features we had earmarked. The 10 point type size and easy verse by verse, two-column format made it an excellent choice for early readers.

Lastly, just as the files were sent to the printer, our friend and advisor, Mark MacArthur took a mock-up of our NASB Children’s Edition to show his dad. We were thrilled when we received Pastor MacArthur’s endorsement!

Children need to become familiar with a real Bible. It has been popular to put simple Bible story books in the hands of children rather than the actual Word of God and this is a mistake. Children need to learn and love the Bible. With its readable text, current translation, and beautiful artwork, the NASB Children’s Edition is designed to be the Bible they will love all their lives.

John F. MacArthur

We’ve been honored to work on this project and during the process, Psalm 90:17 was a verse that we kept coming back to:

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us;
And confirm for us the work of our hands;
Yes, confirm the work of our hands.

As we look back on 2018, we see God’s hand directing the work of our hands and are grateful for His favor.

As a younger generation carries their NASBs in hand, may they also carry God’s truth in their hearts.

By His Grace and For His Glory,

The Team at 316